Response on “The Machine Stops”

While reading the short story, I was haunted by how eerily similar our world is becoming to that of the machine. Our lives become more and more intertwined with technology day by day. We pollute the earth further and further beyond repair. And with the current pandemic, many of us chose to not go outside. Similar to the story, we now communicate with each other solely by screen. We participate in lectures of our own through screens, we talk to family members and other loved ones through screens, we consume a majority of entertainment through screens.

However, we have yet to stop our veneration of nature and free thinking, though it is clear that our current government wishes that upon us. It seems that in the story, it is not clear whether or not humanity has abandoned the appreciation of nature and free thought because humanity believed itself “above” it, more than that humanity could no longer appreciate these things because it could no longer participate within it. Humans had destroyed the planet and could no longer survive on the surface of the planet. Within the machine everyone is the same, there is no room for new ideas, there was no use for free thinking, only a recycling of old thought. Hopefully our humanity will be able to change course and avert a dystopian fate similar to this story.



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